5 “Color Trend for 2021”

Color Trend 2021 Update it is hot. Since in the past there are new fashions for us to update non-stop, from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to various fashion tones by 2021. Each color, it is just as beautiful as you were looking forward to Also full of flavor, including warm, cool and earth tones as well

Hurry and come to update before anyone else. Today, we brings fashion tones of 2021 for girls to see and update trends. Tell me that if anyone fails to be careful to talk to him, don’t know about it.


Yellow tones that are similar to mustard but fresher It is the birthplace of the name Lemon Sherbet, the most popular color in 2021 because it is scheme announced by Pantone 2021. It is also a color that looks exotic And hidden with avant-garde as well


This is another color scheme that Pantone 2021 has announced, just like yellow. Which I have to admit that this is a color that will not kill at all, but in the year it will come in a shade of gray that is one level brighter It is a neutral color scheme that can be easily matted with other colors. Especially wool and velvet.


The shade of blue is a blend of Neo Mint, the hottest mint color of 2020 and has continued until 2021, adding more blue tones. When it comes on the clothes it will make it look bright. 

Olive Green

Earth tone disciples will definitely like this. With olive green that looks yellowish green It gives the impression of a simple, minimal look, but at the same time, when placed on clothes, bags or shoes, it will instantly give the wearer a stylish look.

Fire red

Whoever knows that it is a hot woman, come together here. Because this color was born just for you With fiery red color that is both fiery and sexy, and when it comes to wearing clothing that is fiery red, it will brighten your skin. Watched the aura catch up in the blink of an eye It is also compatible with all skin tones. Whether it is a late scratch Or will survive

“The Trees Suitable for growing in the house”

Tree is another home decoration item that helps create a more pleasant atmosphere, if it is a tree that has a scent as well, it will help keep the house calm, shady and always filled with the scent. This article has collected 5 scented trees. That are plant in the house.

1. Lemon tree

Lemon tree (Indoor Citrus) is a perfect size, fragrant tree suitable for home, dark green leaves with fruit like a small orange emits a scent of orange scent throughout the house.

How to plant a lemon tree?

– Place a pot of lemon trees facing the south or southwest. To receive at least 8-12 hours of sunlight.

– Place the pot on a tray full of pebbles. To keep the moisture from the water that water the lemon.

– Planted in well drained loamy soil.

– Inspect the roots of the tree every 2 days to prevent root rot.

2. Orchid

Orchids or Costus are very diverse species. There are 25,000 types of orchids in nature, which is considered an important export plant in Thailand. Stems without pith and bark It has buds that will sprout young shoots, young branches or single inflorescences with leaves, colors and sizes varying depending on the species.

Most of the leaves are yellowish green. Inflorescences often bloom long, sometimes short, depending on the type. The smell of the orchid has a different aroma as well. How to choose an orchid that has the perfect scent, so it is best to buy it in the nursery And seek advice from growers directly

How to plant a Orchid?

– You should study well that likes low or lots of light In order to have a suitable place for planting

– Usually grows well in temperatures of 21-29 degrees Celsius.

– Choose a pot for growing orchids.

– fertilize every two weeks Using fertilizer formula 20-20-20 (nitrogen nourishing leaves – phosphorus nourishing flowers – potassium nourishing the stems)

– watering once a week

3. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet  is a plant of the same family as chili, eggplant, tomato and tobacco. It
is a shrub about 2-3 meters tall, slender leaves, soft, thin and 18-25 centimeters long.

When growing up, the stems will bend downward and upside down like a trumpet or speaker. They are purple, yellow, pink and peach. They bloom all year round. Especially in the rainy season They usually give off a mild fragrance during the day and a stronger scent from dusk to morning.

How to plant a Angel’s Trumpet?

– Can be grown both in the garden and inside the house. In which care must be taken to keep them away from aphids, mealybugs, red mites and other pests

– Placed in direct sunlight To help make beautiful flowers

– Should control the temperature at about 15-23 degrees Celsius.

– Planted in soil that is sensitive to water Fertilize once a week

– Keep watering for 2-3 days per week. Which during the winter may give less water To help the soil dry quickly Not too moist

4. Peppermint

Peppermint (Lemon Balm) is the same plant as mint and basil. The trunk is about 70-150 cm in height when fully grown. Dark green leaves, similar to mint. But smells like lemon leaves Often white flowers in late summer.

Peppermint flowers are rich in fragrance and nectar. Taste like lemon and citronella. Often emits the scent of essential oils It was originally used as a drug to treat a wide range of ailments such as headache, toothache, sore throat, diarrhea, insect bites. 

How to plant a mint?

– Planted in a place where the sunlight can easily reach

– Keep it away from the place that is exposed to direct heat. To avoid the leaves being destroyed

– Planted in a small pot using general loam. By drilling a hole under the pot to drain the water completely.

– Place 2-3 pieces of chopped wood on top of the soil during hot weather. To help the soil retain moisture

– Fertilizer for 2 weeks with 20-20-20 fertilizer formula (nitrogen nourishing leaves – phosphorus nourishing flowers – potassium nourishing stems)

5. Plumeria

Frangipani (Frangipani) is the same plant family as the trotters. It is another popular home grown tree from the past to the present. Local names such as Champa, Champa Lao and Champakom are both short and tall. Branches and leaves Decay in summer Soft green branches look full of water. Single leaves arranged at the end of the branch.

The leaves are thick, tough and hard, light green to dark. Depending on the age of the flower bouquet, about February to April. There are many species Different in both color and smell

How to plant a plumeria?

– Planted in a place with easy sunlight to shine. Which should be exposed to the sun at least 4-6 hours a day

– Spray water on the leaves 1-2 times a day enough to keep them moist.

– Planted in sandy soil mixed with loam By mixing 1 part sand and loam soil

– Regularly fertilize every week. Using fertilizer formula 10-50-10 (nitrogen nourishing leaves – phosphorus nourishing flowers – potassium nourishing the stems)

– Keep watering regularly during the summer.

5 scented trees grown in the house above there are trees that are already known by names and trees that are not familiar with each other, including scent, appearance, color, as well as growing and raising different types of trees. You can buy and grow them easily. It depends on what you like and which type is suitable for your home gardening ideas.

Onsen Ayengwattana in Japanese

Today we will present another path towards youthfulness. That does not have to rely on any skin care But have to travel a little By the place that we will present each other today is “Ayengwattana Onsen Soaked and then young Not getting old, not withered! ”Or“ Furofushi Onsen ”

Just the name, it looks like this magnificent palace. Is that true or not !? Honestly, if soaked and reached a longevity, it might be a bit power. But on the part of keeping youthful Not old, not withered The Japanese really believe that.

The authors themselves view it as a personal belief. There is a chance to go would like to try to soak with him as well get the better results.

Furofushi Onsen, one of the World Natural Heritage Sites

Onsen Furofushi of this. Has been appointed as a natural world heritage site too. The coordinates are at the foot of Mount Shirakami. Fukaura City Aomori Prefecture


At this onsen There is a natural reddish-brown hot spring spring at 400 liters per minute, which is rich in iron. And has healing properties and cleansing wounds It also has the ability to nourish the skin to be smooth, soft and moist. Resulting in people calling it a “Healing hot spring” or “skin care onsen” as well

The atmosphere is beautiful beyond words

In addition to having amazing body maintenance properties At Furofushi Onsen, this place is also surrounded by charming nature. Which is ready to spell the eyes of the tourists who come in under control

Onsen away from the pond, just 1 meter, you will find water, sea, transparent waters invite slumber while listening to the waves, soaked to the onsen. Would be a new experience That is not easy to find anyway.

In addition to the contrasting atmosphere of the sea and natural hot springs The evening when the sun is about to set is a must-see Peak Time! Because you can watch the sunset by the sea while soaking in onsen!

In addition, Furofushi Onsen is also one of the top 100 places to view the most beautiful sunset in Japan. Millions of quality ever.

Food delights

And since it is an onsen near the sea, besides the typical Japanese food Of course, here you will be able to taste fresh seafood as well, it is a worthwhile trip to onsen.

Another highlight here is Food made with fresh ingredients and rich in benefits. Because the cooks choose the freshest ingredients The kind that was caught on that day ever came to cook. It is also prepared with the unique works of Fukuura City. In order for the visitors to fully taste local food

How are you doing? Saw like this Didn’t start choosing right now? Are you going to take a tour or do a good food tour?

For anyone who is comfortable using Japanese Can go to study details Or if you contact us by phone Including contact to reserve a room to stay at the website below

Furoufushi Onsen
Opening hours: 08.00 – 16.00 (but if a guest staying at the onsen You can use the hot spring after 4:00 p.m.)
Address: 15−1 Shimokiyotaki, Fukaura, Henashi, Nishitsugaru District, Aomori 038-2327
Website: Furoufushi Onsen Official Website (English)

Any friends who have the opportunity to go Or if it’s time to travel to it already Do not forget to come back and share your experience with each other.

5 Facial cleansers for dry skin girls

Dry skin girls, please come here today we have a cleansing foam for dry skin people to tell you about. It is a Japanese girl. He picked it up and used it very well! And worth the best in the year 2021 there are a total of 5, some of which can be found in our home as well, each of which the young woman introduced today. In addition to helping to cleanse the skin thoroughly. After washing, it still doesn’t make the skin dry and tight It also helps add moisture to the skin as well, Pang! But which Japanese facial cleansing foam will be worth it? Well, let’s go check the list today together.

1. Senka Perfect Whip Collagen In

Open to the first brand Facial foam from the brand SENKA, Thai girls know well. In which this time Recommended by Japanese women It’s a pink tube. This is a smooth and fine whipped foam. That helps to clean deeply He has ingredients from collagen. That will help keep the skin more moist. Is able to feel the bouncy face, look firm and smooth and moisturize the skin With white cocoon ingredients Or white cocoons and double hyaluronic acid, plus a gentle foam That comes with a soft scent of flowers that makes you feel fresh as well.

2.Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Wash

Another famous Japanese brand. As we know well, Hada Labo, the face wash that gets into the eyes of Japanese women the most, is this Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Wash. This is a facial cleansing foam that contains moisturizer. To help restore the skin to be smooth, soft and moist Plus, he also has a mixture of natural plant extracts, Arbutin, to help adjust the skin. 

Fade wrinkles, dullness and dark spots to brighten, smooth and natural. This unique formula, Super Hyaluronic Acid, helps to replenish and retain moisture to the skin for a long time. The key is gentle Does not cause allergies And irritated Because it does not contain alcohol, mineral oil, perfume and color, people with sensitive skin can definitely use it.

3.Nameraka Honpo Cleansing Face Wash

Next comes the soft cleansing foam. This is a facial foam that cleanses the skin. With 100% concentrated soy milk, his main extracts are extracted from soybeans. His foam contains isoflavones (Soymilk Isoflavone) that will make the skin elastic and tighten, beautiful face, without wrinkles, and help maintain skin softness and moisture throughout the day. 

Therefore, the skin always looks younger. Comes with a smooth, soft foam texture. Deep cleansing of the pores Washes dirt, makeup and oil on the face thoroughly. And does not cause the skin to dry and tight after washing, as well, most importantly, he is a foam suitable for sensitive skin. Because it contains natural extracts And not using genetically modified soybeans It is also free from fragrances, colors and oils.

4.Cow Brand Mutenka Moisturizing Facial Wash

 Brow package Available in both tubes and pump bottles. That can be used in full force! This one is a face wash that received Best Cosme 2016 award, which is great for sensitive skin. Because it is free of alcohol, colors, fragrances, mineral oils and parabens, and has passed allergy testing by Japanese dermatologists. This will help clean dirt gently. Wash thoroughly to the pores. After washing it does not make the skin dry and tight. It also helps to maintain moisture on the skin. With excellent ceramides and amino acids, this one is really worth a try. It’s inexpensive too.

5.Biore Ouchi de Aesthe Massaging Facial Gel Cleanser

I would say that Biore’s facial cleansing gel is really bang on. Is really caught in every poll of Japan Which he has 2 types to choose from, the first is the green stripe It helps in cleaning the pores. The second type of orange stripes is formulated to moisturize the skin. It is a cleansing gel that helps cleanse the skin thoroughly. It also helps to moisturize the skin very well. 

After washing your face is complete. Does not make the skin dry and tight too. It also helps restore the dry skin. To come back to be smoother as well So who wants to add water to the skin Recommended is the orange formula. But if you want to reduce the clogged acne It’s recommended in green, but honestly, both are good. 

12 “Foods 30-Year-Old Women” Should Eat

At different ages of life The body needs different nutrients. By today we will focus on the story of a 30-year-old women who is considered an adult. That began to have physical, emotional and health changes that are encountered regularly, such as Start to wrinkle. The skin is sagging, not tightened, easily irritated, will exert exertion or act like it was in adolescence. The body began to send signals less than the heart. Plus easy to get fat while eating the same food because the metabolism starts to slow down, so women aged 30 up should choose food that will help increase power Increase metabolism and nourish the body a lot. Will delay premature aging Prevent anyone from calling “Auntie” to get upset. What will be there? We gathered and told.

1. Water

Water is something that people of all genders and ages need to drink every day, but the reasons that we need to raise water are recommended here. It is because when women are getting older Skin begins to wither and lack moisture over time. Make it look premature However, drinking a lot of water can slow down those symptoms, so 30-year-old women who want to have firmer, firm skin need to drink water regularly. At least 8-10 glasses a day and in addition to water will help nourish the skin of the girls to look better. Water also helps the circulatory, digestive and brain systems to function better.

2. Cow’s milk

Actually requires 1,000-1,200 milligrams of calcium per day for women in their 30s, but most women get very little calcium. The lack of calcium in our body is at risk of developing osteoporosis. As women are in their 30s, the estrogen associated with bones starts to decline. Plus, the various bone masses also decay at this time. So when we get calcium that helps build strong bones in small quantities. It results in us easily suffering from osteoporosis,

So if you want to avoid osteoporosis in the future I have to eat foods that contain a lot of calcium, such as drinking cow’s milk, because milk is high in calcium. They should choose to drink skim or low fat milk. Which 250 ml of skim milk has a calcium content of 300 mgBut if any young girl is a person who doesn’t like to drink much milk We recommend mixing milk with your breakfast cereal. Will have another delicious breakfast Plus, the body gets iron from grains in cereals. Help prevent anemia as well.  

3. Ginger

Water Ginger has a hot effect. Helps the blood flow of women in their 30s to flow more easily. Plus, a study from the University of Georgia found that ginger juice can help relieve body aches. Including menstrual cramps In addition, ginger juice also contains phenolic compounds. Which is a substance that helps relieve irritation in the intestines Along with stimulating effects of the digestive system It helps to reduce abdominal distension and relieve bloating as well. As for anyone interested in additional benefits of ginger juice Anyway, go and have a look here.

4. Red wine

Red wine contains resveratrol (Resveratrol), which is a type of flavonoid. Derived from the rind of grapes The flavonoids are antioxidants that help prevent cells in our body from being damaged. And can help slow down aging Should be pleasing to women quite a bit, plus drinking wine regularly can help prevent flu and reduce the risk of respiratory infections as well. Moreover Red wine can also reduce bad cholesterol. But at the same time increases the good cholesterol It reduces the risk of heart disease as well.

Knowing this Would deny that the wine is suitable for women in their 30s, it is not really possible. Drinking wine has this kind of benefit and efficiency. You have to drink only 1-2 glasses a day. Do not forget that wine is a type of alcoholic beverage. If you drink too much, you can get drunk too.

5. Green Tea

Another drink that women in their 30s should not miss is green tea. Research published in the journal Nutrition Research reports that women who drink three cups of green tea a day can reduce their risk of osteoporosis by 30%, but must be brewed-only green tea. It’s not related to ready-to-drink green tea at convenience stores that have been flavored and added with sugar.

For women who drink coffee in the morning on a regular basis. I try to turn to drink green tea instead is better. Because green tea contains caffeine that helps to increase energy, making women feel refreshed and energized just like in coffee. But the key is There are other benefits, such as improving the metabolism in the body. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

6. Greek yogurt,

do you notice that the women are getting older Body weight is likely to increase as well. The reason is because the metabolism starts to deteriorate. Until it has more fat accumulated in the body, so it is easy for women aged 30 to turn to a diet that stimulates a lot of metabolism, one of the foods that we recommend is low-sugar, high-protein snacks like Greek yogurt or natural yogurt Who put nothing in it Because yogurt like this is high in protein, B vitamins, calcium and potassium. Which in addition to stimulating the metabolism It also allows us to receive various nutrients to help nourish the body.

7. Green leafy vegetables and fruits that are high in beta-carotene.

As you know, green leafy vegetables are very low in calories, allowing women to eat vegetables without fear of getting fat. Plus in vegetables there are antioxidants, iron and fiber that help nourish the skin, slow down aging, stimulate red blood cell formation. And improves the digestive system Until resulting in girls having good health Far from constipation, comfortable ever.

In addition, choosing fruits that are high in beta-carotene, such as pumpkin, tomato, ripe papaya, banana, eggs and cayenne, is also one way to help women far from the to And skin that can wrinkle because beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. And is considered one of the antioxidants Which helps slow down the deterioration of cells Make the girls’ skin not wrinkled and beta-carotene also helps nourish the eyes of women to see clearly. 

8. Cereals

 We understand that when working, girls tend to find a snack or dessert to eat with But those foods may not be very healthy. But if switching to grains or nuts instead, would it be better? Red beans, green beans, black beans, peanuts, and millet are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber, helping to fill your stomach with good health at the same time But should be eaten without butter or sprinkled with salt

9. Soy

As you age, estrogen decreases. As a result, bone mass is reduced as well. Plus the complexion does not tighten And also feel frustrated more easily But did you know that eating soy can help reduce those symptoms? Because soybeans contain isoflavones Which is structurally similar to the hormone estrogen As a result, eating soy can replace the estrogen hormone the body lost.

What is more cool is Soy also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. And without cholesterol In addition, soy protein can help lower bad cholesterol levels. Eat and do not have to be afraid of obesity, so women in their 30s will try to turn to eating soy on a regular basis. Seems to make sense quite a bit It may be eaten in food form, water, tofu or soy milk, less sugar, one cup a day is equally delicious, oh, and soy is not just that useful. If you want to know more You can go see it here.

10. Eggs.

Many people understand that eggs are high in cholesterol. Eating is not good for heart health But we want to make a new understanding That cholesterol is high in eggs Good cholesterol Which is useful for the body And most importantly, eating eggs in moderation is 1 egg per day can also reduce bad cholesterol. Makes you have a lower risk of heart disease as well.

11. Fish

Fish such as salmon or tuna, are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, both DHA and EPA, so everyone should eat. Especially with young women in their 30s whose cartilage begins to deteriorate Because a study from Cardiff University found that Fish helps eliminate enzymes that destroy cartilage. Thus helping to slow down the degenerative cartilage symptoms And reduce inflammation around the cartilage.

12. Chili Paste, Boiled Vegetables,

Chili Dip There are many benefits Either from the chili paste itself Containing herbs such as chili and garlic, which stimulate the circulatory system. And reduce the level of fat and blood sugar levels, plus fish, both mackerel or fish meal. Which is as already mentioned That fish can help nourish the cartilage for women in their 30s.

In addition, the distinctive flavor of the chili paste is spicy and spicy. Making us unable to eat chili paste without having to eat with red boiled vegetables Therefore benefiting from a variety of vegetables I can say that just eating chili paste for food will have double benefits. And if you don’t know what chili paste to eat Try to look at the cool chili chili recipes that the dot com jar has ever recommended.  

6 “home decorating techniques with gray Illuminating”

The 2021 color of the year from Pantone, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

The company “Pantone” has announced the color of the year. Established a standard color coding system for printing jobs in the United States. Became another year-end tradition because over the past 20 years after the announcement came out immediately. Such colors have become a trend in home decoration and design. Therefore, this event has received a lot of attention and waiting from people all over the world. Which they did not wait for long Decided to announce the color of the year 2021 has been completed.

The 2021 color of the year from Pantone, Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating Yellow (PANTONE 13-0647) that is a combination of two colors that convey strength and hope. Look at it and feel good and warm. This is to help motivate people in this kind of situation.

Not only that But both colors also show that Contrast can be combined to help support each other, Illuminating Yellow is a bright, cheerful and vibrant yellow. While also reflecting the warmth of the sun While Ultimate Gray is a solid, unwavering, reliable gray that conveys a calm, durable and solid foundation.

Yellow-gray matching techniques for home decoration

For bringing the colors of the year 2021 like yellow and gray to decorate the house You can do it with two colors together. And a two-color combination with another color It can also be applied in a variety of ways. May be used as wall paint Use it as a furniture color. Use it as a color for decoration, small pieces will stand out. Helps to make the room beautiful, chic and equally attractive. Which if anyone wants to know how to have an idea how to use both colors to decorate the house, do not wait, let’s look at an example better.

1.Yellow-gray against the walls

For home walls that have a layer enough to be painted with a level color. It is recommended to paint one wall in gray. The other side is yellow, it looks easy to say, just that it helps the house look modern, playful, and has a lot of dimension.

2.Yellow-gray against the walls and decorations

Another easy and equally cool method is to paint a wall with a specific color. Then find decorations such as cloth covers, small tables, picture frames or wall decorations Another color to decorate Now the room will now have an annual color theme.

3.Yellow-gray with sofa

Easy home decorating ideas that match the color of the year, just find a gray or yellow sofa to pair with another gray or yellow cushion or cover that is different from the color of the sofa. This is already amazing.

4. Yellow-gray with dining room

The dining room is another room that can be used in Illuminating yellow and gray for decoration purposes, for example, choosing a beautiful gray top dining table. Contrasting with chairs, candlesticks, vases, bright yellow flowers that.

5.Yellow-gray in the kitchen

For decorating a kitchen in yellow and gray. You may be able to mix both colors through the counter door. Or maybe use one top color And can find decorations in another color to decorate instead.

6.Yellow-gray in the bedroom

Finally, we use yellow and gray to decorate the bedroom. Which is easy and very economical because you can use the different colors of the bed sheet and the pillowcases, it can to make the room with yellow and gray, as Pantone’s Color of the year as desired.

It can be said that these are two colors that are both beautiful and have good meaning. Should be bang and not difficult to be a trend Therefore, do not forget to find and decorate the house.

Where should to go for “first overseas trip in Asia”?

Many people wanted to go out and open their eyes. Visit the beauty of the country abroad in Asia. But don’t know where to start and more difficult than planning a trip. Is not knowing where to go and believes that starting with anything the first time is always difficult, so we would like to introduce 10 beautiful in Asia that are great for visiting. First time overseas trip Come to recommend it to your friends. Have chosen to open up new experiences.


The dream country of many people with a beautiful country culture in Asia. Delicious food Can travel from north to south And also comfortable to travel Plus, come in every season, it will be charming that will fascinate every time, making Japan one of the countries that many people plan when they come to travel abroad for the first time. And when you get it, it’s not a surprise if there will be a second repeat visit.

South Korea

Although South Korea is known for the strictness of the Immigration Bureau, it does not drop the country from the list of countries to visit when traveling abroad for the first time, especially for girls who want to follow in the footsteps of Korean dramas. In addition, South Korea is full of tourist attractions, good weather, convenient travel And the money is not expensive as well How could this not be possible.


Countries that are up and running in recent times, such as Taiwan, That also worth visiting for a first-time overseas trip. Who is more late to eat come to Taiwan without disappointment. Because here is very famous for street food including many attractions great landmarks, beautiful nature. It is waiting for you to experience yourself in Taiwan.


Although Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world But if you want to travel abroad for the first time Singapore is an easy country to visit. It takes only 2 hours. Despite being a small country but there are many beautiful tourist attractions, convenient transportation, sky train, buses that can take you around the island. For those who like shopping, they can come and shop together. Try it once and you will be fascinated.

Hong Kong

Another country that takes only 2-3 hours. Hong Kong is a small country with beautiful attractions. And many activities to do Whether it is a fun amusement park, beautiful views along the Victoria Harbor, praying, praying for love, or eating food, there are so many great restaurants in Hong Kong. If you want to travel abroad for the first time Hong Kong is another interesting country as well.


Let’s go to Hong Kong and not Macau because Macau can travel easily Just take a ferry from Hong Kong. Or can fly directly from Thailand Macau has beautiful architecture. Making people who come to travel abroad for the first time feel like traveling to China And Europe at the same time, in addition to the beauty of the country Whether it is a great landmark, famous restaurants, casinos for gamblers. It’s all for you in Macau.

Great tip “Choose a Swimsuit to Match the Body Shape”

A girl who wants to wear a swimsuit but is afraid to show off her figure. Today, there are tips for choosing a swimsuit, how to wear and look beautiful, started by half Thai-American designer Angie-Angeles Balek, founder of AB. Angelys Balek.

Begin by adjusting Mindset to love your body before buying a swimsuit. Because we have to have confidence in ourselves first To be happy when wearing a swimsuit. So before choosing to buy swimwear or clothes, try to adjust your point of view first. Every woman is beautiful in her own style.

Fabric and sewing another key heart that enhances the beauty of women. Swimwear where the fabric is less stretchy will have the effect of wearing it. Therefore, before choosing to buy a swimsuit, you must consider that When you try to wear that Swimwear Can be flexible can wear and tighten the shape and help camouflage the weaknesses and enhance the strengths of each woman or not?

Shy girl

Anyone who is not confident to wear a swimsuit is gradually starting to build their confidence by choosing a simple design one piece swimsuit. Little gimmicks Or is it a sporty design that looks cool.

Big breasts with hips

One piece swimsuit Show light sexiness with a V-neck should avoid patterns or features on the chest. Because it will emphasize the upper range to look even bigger Vintage style swimwear Showing a little chest Paired with high waist pants Or swimsuits that play almost in straight colors It helps shape look slimmer.

Small breasts with hips

A one-piece dress with a chest effect to help make your breasts look bigger. A one-piece dress with a simple design or one shoulder flair. Can camouflage to make the body look more slim Confident Thai girls will set up a beautiful two-piece dress. High concave, it can emphasize the proportion of concave well. 

Small breasts, small hips, a little concave.

It is advisable to choose a swimsuit that shows off the curves and features such as frills and sequins to add dimension to the figure. Or choose a deep V-neck one-piece swimsuit Add charm to attract For the shy girl With a choice of two peaches At the top of the cropped design The bottom is a vented skirt. Is beautiful and chic.


Which girl is worried about her belly Until you do not dare to wear a swimsuit No worries, Angie recommends choosing a swimsuit with a waist feature. If it’s a peach Choose a dress that has a pleated design at the waist. To mask the waist, or choose a swimsuit in dark tones Can help camouflage the figure Or it can be a design that has a flair on the shoulders or puffy sleeves to catch the eye.

The best “toxin-absorbing plants” Reduce Toxins

Reduce toxins, purify the air in the house by planting trees. 

If talking about ” toxin-absorbing plants in the house ” believe that many readers may have read and heard some. But one may wonder, in a seemingly safe home, what toxins will be in the house? Can a small plant actually absorb the toxins? How is the proof process? Or is it just written up to add value to the tree? This work has to say that trees can actually absorb toxins in the house. And there is research support from NASA since the year. In 1989, NASA and the ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) jointly initiated a project to find a suitable indoor environment to live safely from toxic substances in a natural way.

By  Dr.Wolverton  test to absorb toxins of plants in a closed room with space as a normal room (10 square meters), then release chemicals into the test sample is 3 Fort Thomas formaldehyde.  And some can remove many substances in different amounts, for example, rhizome (ivy) removes up to 90% of benzene but eliminates TCE (initial concentration 0.174 ppm) only 11%, etc.

Top 7 ornamental plants absorbing toxins you can buy near your home

  1. Bamboo Palm is an ornamental plant that releases a lot of moisture. Has a high ability to absorb toxins that contaminate the air. Especially the 3 toxins, benzene, trichlorethylene And formaldehyde.

2. Golden pothos  is an ornamental plant, easy to find, easy to grow, and cheap. After 24 hours of experimentation, it was found that alkali betel can reduce benzene up to 73.2%, carbon monoxide 75% and also emit moisture in the air.

3. Ten thousand years green (Chinese Evergreen) is another easy-to-find ornamental plant that absorbs toxins best because it has wide leaves. Has a large area of ​​the leaf surface for absorption of toxins in 24 hours, absorbing 35% trichlorethylene.

4. Vassana (Janet Craig) and Vassana Prayer (Mass Cane)  are another group of wood at NASA and have been found to be effective at absorbing formaldehyde up to 70%, but are less prominent in the uptake. Benzene and trichlorethylene

5. Riches house in (Spider plants)  ornamental plants of this kind. Thai people grow in their homes for a long time. It was one of the first ornamental plants that NASA declared to have indoor ligature suction properties. Wolverton’s results showed that in a 24-hour period, the housemates were able to absorb 96% of carbon monoxide and 86% of formaldehyde.

6. Deli (Peace Lily) is an ornamental plant with a beautiful leaf shape. They are sold in almost every store. It is a plant that has excellent properties. Absorb very high levels of FM, TCE and benzene. It also cleans the air very well as well. Air purification here means The plant absorbs carbon dioxide from human breath. And release oxygen to replace.

7. Mother-in Law’s Tongue, Snake plants This type of sharp leaf-shaped ornamental plant is more known in Thailand as Help purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen in the building. And has the ability to absorb toxins from FM, TCE and benzene at a high level.

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